Washer Tournament

Washer Tournament

Oatmeal Festival Washer Tournament 2022

Are you a washer pitching expert or do you just have interest participating in washer pitching? Either way the Oatmeal Festival Washer Tournament is the event for you. This year’s tournament will be full of fun and excitement. The event is open to all young and well not so young and looking to have fun.

If you are new to Washer Pitching, the rules are simple. You pitch a 2″ metal washer across a 20′ span into a cup/hole about 4 1/2-5″ in diameter. You earn points depending on if your washer goes into, hanging over, leaning or nearest to the cup. Each game play to 21 points and is the best of 3 matches.

Washer Pitching Tournament

Date: September 3, 2022

Registration: Between 10:30 – 11:45 am (On Site)

Games Begin: 12:00 pm

Location: Lot between The Globe Theatre and The Bertram Police Department (Playing in the shade)

Point of Contact: Chad Smith (Day of Festival on location)

Prizes: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place medals and payout to 1st and 2nd place (amount depends on number of teams)

Entry Fee: $20 per person/ $40 per team


  1. Double Elimination
  2. Use House Washers
  3. Scoring
    1. In the cup = 5
    2. “See through”(washer center hanging over) = 3
    3. “Leaner”(over cup/cant see through”= 2
    4. Closest to cup = 1
    5. All games go to 21 ( there is no “Busting” rule and no throwing of other teams washers)
  4. Each game is best of 3 matches
  5. Only closest washers count
  6. Any dispute at the hole, settled by a team to your left or right or neutral 3rd party

Historically, this tournament has been more of a Bertram Family Tradition. Lets have a good time and may the best team win!

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